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How to apply for membership of Guild?

The Guild is an autonomous non-profit entertainment trade body comprising of industry stakeholders. A significant number of film makers/production houses ranging from the established film makers - young brigade – new diversified media companies – makers of international stature are esteemed members of Guild. The detailed Procedure for Membership of Guild is mentioned on the Guild website:

How to register titles with Guild?

As per norms and guidelines of title registration, titles can only be registered by members of any producers’ association with their respective associations. Hence, you need to first apply for membership of Guild as per membership process mentioned on the Guild website, in order to register titles with us.

What is the process for obtaining publicity clearance of films in Guild for CBFC certification?

As per the publicity clearance process for CBFC certification, the Guild issues a letter to CBFC endorsing approval of Publicity Screening Committee exclusively to its member’s film publicity designs & another letter certifying registration of the respective film‘s title with the Guild.

Can you inform me about the fees of membership, title registration and other services offered by Guild?

A. Membership Fees

  • Membership Fees Admission Fees (one time payment at the time of becoming a member) 25,000
  • Annual Subscription (renewed every year for October to September) 100,000

B. Title Registration

  • Fees - Waived Off

C. Publicity Clearance

  • Fees - Waived Off

Is it possible to get the list of films produced/certified during the year?

Information on total number of certified films during the year is mentioned under the heading Indian films censored during the Year on the Guild website :

Can you provide existing rates of Entertainment Tax in various Indian States ?

Updated rates of Entertainment Tax are provided under the heading –Entertainment Tax in various States on the Guild website :

With how may countries does India has film co-production treaties ?

List of Co-production treaties mentioned under the heading – Co-production treaties on the Guild website :

What are the other activities with which Guild is involved?

Apart from the various routine services offered by producers’ trade associations such as title registration, publicity clearance, etc. and taking up the cudgels of the Indian entertainment industry on various issues of concern with Union and State Governments, the Guild instituted Star Guild Awards (earlier Apsara awards) for appreciation of films and television serials in 2004. Information on the awards is available by clicking on the Star Guild Awards link on the Guild website homepage.